Sangoma Talk User Guides

Edited: 04/14/2023
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

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Sangoma Talk

Business Voice User Guides

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Sangoma Talk for Business Voice User Guides

  1. Installing Sangoma Talk Mobile
  1. Sangoma Talk- iPhone Quick Start Guide
  1. Sangoma Talk- Android Quick Start Guide
  1. Sangoma Talk Applications
    1. Sangoma Meet
    1. Visual Voicemail
    1. Call Forwarding
    1. Follow Me - This feature is not yet available in the Business Voice solutions.
  1. Sangoma Talk FAQs
  1. Steps to Reset Sangoma Talk
  1. How to switch from StarPhone to Sangoma Talk

Technical Guides

  1. Sangoma Talk Security Settings

Sangoma Talk for Switchvox User Guides

  1. Sangoma Talk Mobile Guides


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