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Edited: 11/22/2022
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+


The Sangoma Talk Visual Voicemail application displays a list of your voicemails. You can choose which voicemail to listen to, delete, or call back. You can also mark Voicemails as read or unread.

Note: For this application to work, your administrator must have enabled Voicemail for the extension in the Business Voice Portal.

How to access Voicemails

  1. From the Sangoma Talk app click on the Apps () icon and the available applications are displayed.
  1. If there are any unread voicemails then a red dot will display on the visual voicemail icon.


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  1. Click on the Visual Voicemail icon to display the list of voicemails.
  1. The information displayed:
    1. Name and number of who left the message.
    1. Length of voicemail message.
    1. Time and date when the message was left.
  1. A Red dot will display on the play button if voicemail is unread.

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Listening to Voicemails

  1. Press the Play button to listen to your voicemail.

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Other Voicemail Options

There are additional options that can be done with a voicemail:

  1. Call Back - It will dial the same number from which you have received the voicemail.
  1. Mark Read or Mark Unread - Mark a previously read voicemail as read or mark a Unread voicemail as Read.
  1. Delete - Delete the Voicemail.

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