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Digital Fax

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Edited: 05/13/2022
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

About Star2Star's Digital Fax Solution

Note: Digital Fax is the new named for StarFax™ Digital, also previously known as StarFax™ Personal. This descriptive name helps explain the differences of the tiered-level application. For Business Voice (StarCloud), Digital Fax is a cloud-based faxing solution, providing the same functionality as Business Voice+ (StarCloud+) provides. 

From a single, intuitive interface, Digital Fax adds reliable, high-quality desktop faxing to any US Domestic Star2Star system. Users can send and receive faxes via the Cloud, using their computers anywhere there is an Internet connection. 

Digital Fax and Receptionist Console (StarScope® 2) run on Star2Star's Application Framework. Digital Fax combines several key functions into one package and operates across multiple locations without purchasing or maintaining a traditional fax machines.

Each Digital Fax user is assigned a unique, personal fax number for incoming faxes. When a fax is sent to that number, the fax is received by the Star2Star system and stored "in the cloud" at a Star2Star data center. 

Users have the option to attach either the default cover sheet or a custom cover sheet by uploading header and footer images. Virtually any type of printable file (.png, .pdf, .jpg, .tiff) can be sent directly with Digital Fax. 

Incoming faxes are stored as PDF files and can be viewed within the Digital Fax application or by using a PDF viewer. All received faxes are fully searchable.

Note: Only the first 10 pages will be scanned and indexed for the purpose of OCR searches.

Note: The maximum file size that can be sent is 20Mb. The maximum file name length is 50 characters. 

Refer to the links below for additional information, including instructions on how to use the application.

StarFax Personal

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