List of Applications

List of our Applications


Create: 05/21/2019
Access: Everyone

StarMessenger® is Star2Star's Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Message Service (MMS) desktop application for communicating by text messages to SMS/MMS-ready devices of customers or other business contacts, using employee desk phone numbers or other designated lines.


Create: 04/18/2019
Access: Everyone

StarCloud is the pure cloud UCaaS offering, where service is delivered without on-premise hardware (StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN). As a pure cloud platform, businesses can leverage the power of a Full Spectrum Communications Solution from an intuitive, browser-based interface.


Create: 09/28/2018
Access: Everyone

StarBand provides business customers with an enhanced-quality connectivity option compared to other standard circuit offerings.


Create: 09/20/2016
Access: Everyone

StarCenter® is a complete, full-featured contact center exclusively for Star2Star's business communications system. StarCenter delivers advanced call routing, management, real-time monitoring, analytics and reporting features.


Create: 09/19/2016
Access: Everyone

StarRecovery™ is an innovative disaster recovery system, for any customer system, that allows your business to maintain telephone service including a full suite of PBX services when a disaster strikes.

StarPhone for iPhone

Create: 09/15/2016
Access: Everyone

StarPhoneTM for iPhone combines a full-featured IP telephone application with advanced presence and voicemail tools. This easy-to-use softphone allows users to place and receive calls using your company’s Star2Star telephone system.

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