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Sangoma CX Reports and Monitors Video Series (Formerly Sangoma Contact Center)

Edited: 03/21/2023
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

( Sangoma Contact Center has been rebranded as Sangoma CX )

This series of videos shows how to use the suite of reporting tools included with Sangoma CX.



Service Level

  1. Answered x Abandoned x SLA
  1. Answered x Abandoned x SLA Detailed
  1. ATT and ASA History
  1. Queue Summary


  1. Agents Performance
  1. Logon History
  1. Pause History
  1. Complete Pause Report
  1. Call Reasons by Agent
  1. Agent Activity Timeline


  1. Call History
  1. Call Issues
  1. Call Reasons


  1. Traffic Analysis
  1. Queue Annual Report
  1. Calls Volume
  1. Customer Satisfaction


  1. SMART Alerts History
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