StarFax™ Digital/StarFax™ Personal FAQ's

Edited: 04/29/2022
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

Note: As of August 2019, StarFax™ Digital is the new name for StarFax™ Personal. This descriptive name helps explain the differences of the tiered-level application. For StarCloud, StarFax Digital is a cloud-based faxing solution, providing the same functionality as StarCloud+ provides. 

Q: If a fax comes in to a StarFax™ Digital line and the line is already receiving an inbound fax, how long does the fax stay queued in the Cloud before it times out? If it does time out, where would it failover to?

A: Since StarFax™ Digital is a desktop application and there is no physical line or fax machine, there is no issue with the service being busy. The service can receive multiple faxes at the same time and are delivered directly to the Star2Star Framework. A User has the option to configure faxes to be sent to an email address, as well. With StarFax™ Digital there are additional per-page costs after exceeding the monthly allowed number of faxes. 

Q: How are queued faxes secure? Do we use some method of encryption, similar to data encryption?

A: The faxes are secure on Star2Star's servers but they are not encrypted at this time.

Q: Can I send my faxes to email using StarFax™ Digital/StarFax™ Personal?

A: StarFax™ Digital supports notifications to email and as SMS Text. The notifications to email can be provided with or without PDF attachments. Even with email and/or SMS notifications turned on, faxes are stored in the Cloud and available on your desktop, using the StarFax™ Digital Starlet, which runs on the Star2Star Application Framework.

Q: Is the 100-page limit for inbound faxes, outbound faxes, or a total for both?

A: The 100-page limit includes the total for both inbound and outbound faxes.

Q: Is long distance charged on either StarFax™ Classic or StarFax™ Digital/StarFax™ Personal?

A: Long distance is not included in StarFax™ Classic. StarFax™ Digital is a per-page cost, so there are no long distance charges, although a client could incur a bursting charge if all of their Starlines were in use.


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