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Sangoma CX Technical Note - e911 not Supported in Sangoma CX (Formerly Sangoma Contact Center)

Edited: 03/16/2023
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

( Sangoma Contact Center has been rebranded as Sangoma CX )

Sangoma CX is a powerful service for managing and directing incoming calls to maximize customer satisfaction and improve agents productivity, but it is important to note that it does not provide “e911” service. “e911” is a service that automatically routes emergency calls to the appropriate emergency services dispatcher, and provides the dispatcher with the caller's location information.

Users should not call 911 using the Sangoma CX. If a user needs to call 911, they have to use their standard phone service instead.


If the user has a Business Voice (BV) extension, configured for the location they can use that extension to call 911. It is highly recommended when using the Business Voice phone service that they review and follow the Star2Star Communications, LLC “Subscriber Terms and Conditions" and “Applications Terms of Use”.

It is important to be aware that using Sangoma CX to dial emergency services may result in penalties and fees. This is because without the location information provided by “e911” service, emergency services may have difficulty locating the caller in an emergency situation, which can result in delayed response times or other complications.

If you need to configure your Business Voice extensions to enable “e911” service in your locations, please contact Sangoma support for assistance. Our team of experts can help you ensure e911 is properly configured for these extensions and ready to use.

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