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Sangoma CX Technical Note - Supported USB Headsets (Formerly Sangoma Contact Center)

Edited: 04/10/2023
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

( Sangoma Contact Center has been rebranded as Sangoma CX )

The following USB headphones have been tested and are confirmed to work with Sangoma CX using the WebRTC extensions:


  1. Blackwire 3215 USB A Monaural
  1. Blackwire 3225 USB A Binaural


  1. UH36 USB Monaural
  1. UH36 USB Binaural


Please note that the pickup/hangup and play/pause buttons available on some headsets are not integrated with Sangoma CX Agent Panel or Sangoma CX Portal.

Other Headsets and Recommendations:

Sangoma CX should work with any headset compatible with the computer and OS running the Agent Panel. However, Sangoma has only tested USB wired headsets known for their high audio quality and designed for business users. Other headsets will most probably work, but Sangoma cannot be held responsible for their audio quality or how they will behave with the hardware or OS the agent has.

For call/contact center use cases, Sangoma recommends wired USB headsets. Wireless headsets, regardless of the technology and brand used, can be affected by electromagnetic interference, unexpected disconnections, battery discharge, lower audio quality based on audio processing, or incompatibility with the Bluetooth chipset used in the computer and headset. If a client wants to use a wireless headset, it is at their own discretion and responsibility.

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