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Business Voice - How to Configure Call Recording

Edited: 10/20/2023
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+


The Call Recording feature allows Administrators to enable / disable specific extensions that will have their calls recorded. In order to use this feature, the location must have Call Recording enabled by a Sangoma admin.

Call recordings are licensed by extension (not device) and accessed via Application Framework, local and remote desk phones and/ or mobile clients.

Accessing the Call Recording Settings

  • Access the Business Voice portal and select the CONFIGURATION option at the top of the page.
  • Search and Select the required location.
  • From the Left Side Menu.
  • Select the Call Configuration.
  • Select Recording Settings.

Configuring Call Recording Settings

Search for the extensions.

Filter Extension

  • All - List all extensions
  • Recordings - List only extension where recordings are already turned on
  • Not recording - List only extension where recordings are not turned on

Select the check box to activate Call Recording for the desired extensions

Once all changes have been completed, click the    SAVE CHANGES TO SYSTEM    button.

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Storage Options

  • Business Voice Plus
  • All recorded calls are stored locally on the StarBoxes and varies based on the models:
  • StarBox® 1000: up to 1,600 hours of calls
  • StarBox® 2500/ 2550: up to 5,000 hours of calls
  • StarBox® 6000: up to 10,000 hours of calls
  • Note: Once capacity is met, calls are overwritten on a FIFO (first in-first out) basis
  • Lifetime call recording options are also available for an additional fee
  • Business Voice
  • All recordings are directly in the Sangoma cloud and unlimited
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