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Business Voice Portal - Location Information Guide

Edited: 09/01/2023
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+, Wholesale


The Location Information and Additional Location Information links provides access to detailed information about your system. The location is automatically created once a quote is finalized. Follow the steps below to enter/modify Location address information, Billing Contact information, Business Hours/Schedule, After Hours Contacts and a number of key system features e.g. Directory Sort Order (you can set this option to play the directory to callers by First Name or Last Name), Multi-Location Directory (you can configure the system to play the directory to callers for all locations associated with your system), Announce Extension on Directory (this announces the selected directory entry to the caller), Key System Mode (Call Park and Retrieval using visible shared park positions on certain phone types), Park Positions (select the number of park positions required), Enable Personal Authorization Codes (authorization code is required when dialing out), Enable Advanced Scheduling (Create detailed routing rules for your DIDs / Numbers).

Location Information

  • Access the Business Voice portal and select the CONFIGURATION option at the top of the page.
  • Search and Select the required location.
  • Standard Users
  • Select Basic Settings.
  • Select Location Information or Additional Location Information.
  • Aurora Users
  • Select the Location Information or Additional Location Information link in the left side menu.
  • Navigation menu:
  • Location information
  • Location Status
  • Location Information
  • Additional location information

Location Status

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Basic Location Information

  1. Update the Service Address and/or Billing Contact information.
  1. Click    Save Changes    at the bottom of this page to save any changes.

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Additional location information

Enable Advanced Scheduling - Set to Yes to create complex routing rules for a 7-day week.

Directory Sort Order - Select First Name or Last Name.

Announce Extension on Directory - Set to Yes to announce the selected extension user to the caller.

MultiLocation Directory Set to Yes to allow callers to search the Directory on all systems associated with your location.

Show Five-Digit Extension Set to Yes if the customer requires 5 digit numbering on your system e.g xx yyy when xx = Interoffice Prefix and yyy = 3 digit extn number.

Key System Mode Set to Yes if you wish to use visual shared park appearances on supported phones. The system will create a default setting of 4 Park Positions. This can be changed in (Park Positions:). For more information see the Business Voice Phone and Features Guide.

Primary DID Set the customer’s main number. Denoted by the *. This shows as the outgoing ID by default on extensions unless configured otherwise.

Business Hours Set the business hours here. To create multiple schedules associated with DID’s/Numbers see Incoming Call Routing to add schedules. Note: This schedule is not used for call routing if the Advanced Scheduling option is enabled.

After Hours Contact information - Ensure that information is complete and accurate. Starwatch alerts and WIFI Data alerts are sent to these contacts.

Click    Save Changes    at the bottom of this page to save all changes.

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