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Reasonable and Fair Use Policy for StarMessenger and or Messaging

Edited: 03/29/2023
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

Reasonable and Fair Use Policy for StarMessenger and or Messaging

Star2Star and StarMessenger support delivery of Messaging using ten-digit phone numbers, receipt of domestic and international SMS, and receipt of domestic MMS and, depending on edition and/or user bundle(s) to which subscribed, includes a number of outbound SMS, outbound MMS, and inbound MMS as follows:

Messaging Per Billing Period SMS


(Combined In/Out)

Messaging as included in Professional User Bundle, Professional Bundle for Microsoft Teams, Professional User Extension for Microsoft Teams, StarMessenger, Business Voice Standard User, or Business Voice Advanced User.


Inbound: Unlimited

Combined In/Out : 0
Messaging as included in Collaboration User Bundle, Customer Service User Bundle, Contact Center User Bundle, StarMessenger Ultimate, or Business Voice Premium User

Outbound: Unlimited

Inbound: Unlimited

Messaging as included in Curbside Service 1000

Outbound: 1000 per location

Inbound: Unlimited

Not Applicable
Messaging as included in Curbside Service 2000

Outbound: 2000 per location

Inbound: Unlimited

Not Applicable
Messaging as included in Curbside Service 3000

Outbound: 3000 per location

Inbound: Unlimited

Not Applicable
Messaging as included in Urgent Notification 1000

Outbound: 1000 per Subscriber

Inbound: Not Applicable

Not Applicable

Upon Subscriber’s failure to comply with the above restrictions, Star2Star reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Star2Star Service.  Star2Star will not immediately disrupt Service for what Star2star, in its sole discretion, deems to be moderate fluctuations in monthly volume that exceed of the number of included messaging type.  Star2Star reserves the right to analyze usage on a rolling basis at any time.  Such analysis will look at volume for the immediately prior three months.  Monthly average usage above the amounts provided in this Fair Use Policy may result in a number of actions being taken by Star2Star, including but not limited to:

1.    Requiring Subscriber to upgrade to a plan that includes more Messaging (if available); 

2.    Restricting Subscriber to the number of included messages by preventing sending/receiving messages for the remainder of the billing period once the limit of included messages has been reached; or

3.    Suspending or terminating the StarMessenger® and/or Messaging Service.

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