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How to pick up a call ringing on another phone

Edited: 12/17/2022
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+


This guide explains how a Business Voice user can pick up a call ringing on another phone, sometimes called “Call Stealing” or “Call Intercept ''. This feature allows a user to pick up a call ringing on another phone from their phone.

Note: This feature is only available for Business Voice users with a Yealink, or *Poly phone.

What does this mean?

If User 1 at extension 123 is away and their phone is ringing, User 2 can pick up the call at their own desk.

How would this be done?

If User 2 wants to pick up User 1’s incoming call, once they see (BLF) for the call or hear the phone ringing at User 1’s desk, they would dial “*8+ extension” (e.g., *8123) to pick up the call.

Who can use this feature?

Any Business Voice user that has a Yealink, or *Poly phone.

*Note: The Poly VVX 101, VVX 201 and VVX 150 phones do NOT support this feature.

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