Sangoma Meet Tips and Tricks

Edited: 08/24/2021
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+, Wholesale

How To's

How to change my display nickname?

So you've joined the room and now you want to change your displayed nickname? There are at least two ways:

  • Way 1:
    • Click on the bottom right in the 3 vertical dots:
    • It will pop up an item list: click on the very first item on the top where is currently showing your nickname;
    • You are now in Settings / Profile. Change the nickname in "Set your display name" and confirm with OK.
    • Note: If you are a logged in user, your name will be displayed as what you have entered at the time of sign up.
  • Way 2
    • Click on the icon showing your current  nickname in the page [ something like nickname(You) ];
    • Type your new desired nickname;
    • Confirm with Enter on the keyboard.

Useful Shortcuts


  • To improve the overall communication, we suggest muting the participants in the room asking them to unmute themselves only when they have to talk to other people in the room.
  • For an immediate reaction to a question or an invite to talk from the moderator, you can take advantage of the Push-To-Talkfunctionality activated pushing on Space Bar on your keyboard. When you ended up talking, just release it, and you'll be back in a muted state.

How can I activate it ?

Once you're in the conference room, hit once the Space Bar or click with the mouse pointer on the Mic icon which will change to MUTED state.

How can I check is it working?

  • When Push-To-Talk feature is activated, your mic appears muted:
    • sm15-muted.jpg MUTED
  • Hitting the Space Bar you will see the mic icon changing state:
    • sm16-unmuted.jpg UNMUTED



  • Hitting 'V' key on your keyboard will toggle Webcam Activated/Deactivated in a very fast way!

Full Screen Mode

  • Hitting 'S' key on your keyboard will toggle you from normal view to Full Screen and back!

Share Screen

  • Hitting 'D' key on your keyboard will pop up Share Screen tab where you can choose what to share/present into the room.

Chat Panel

  • Hitting 'C' key on your keyboard will open the Chat tab on the screen. you can start typing to the audience!

Using Gravatar

  • We created this video that shows you how to integrate Gravatar and Sangoma websites, including Meet Sangoma:
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