Yealink Acoustic Shield Feature

Edited: 03/22/2021
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

Yealink Acoustic Shield Feature

Acoustic Shield allows for advanced background noise reduction, allowing for crystal clear communication in open-office environments. The Acoustic Shield implements a virtual perimeter around the phone conversation, effectively removing background sounds.

Acoustic Shield Settings

Administrators can configure how the acoustic shield operates:

  1. Disabled - acoustic shield functionality is always disabled
  1. Enable-Off — allows for manually enablement of Acoustic Shield by tapping Acoustic Shield softkey on desk phone during phone calls
  1. Enable-On — automatically enables Acoustic Shield when phone calls are initiated, but can be turned off by tapping Acoustic Shield softkey on deskphone during phone calls


To enable Acoustic Shield in the portal, navigate to Individual Phone Settings, and select Phone Options for supported models (VP59, T58A, T57W, T54W, T53W).

Phone Options_0.png




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