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Mobile StarMessenger - Quick Start Guide

Edited: 01/18/2024
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+, Wholesale

StarMessenger has reached End of Life and has been replaced with Sangoma SMS. Sangoma SMS can be accessed via Sangoma’s TeamHub application.





Sangoma’s StarMessenger application is our text messaging application that allows users to communicate via text messages with customers or other business contacts. This guide provides the basics on how to use StarMessenger.


  1. Once you have been assigned a StarMeesenger License via the Sangoma Business Voice portal:
  • You will be assigned one of your location's existing phone numbers.
  • You will receive a welcome email that includes the application installation instructions.
  1. If you haven’t received a welcome email, contact your location or customer admins to request a StarMessenger license.
  1. You can install the StarMessenger application via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  1. Once you have installed the application you can login to the application using your Business Voice Portal Credentials.

Conversation List

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The conversations screen is basically the home screen for the StarMessenger application.


1.   Start a new text message:

  • Click this Icon to create a new message:
  • Search for a contact in your device’s contacts or enter a US based phone number.
  • Enter the message then click the send icon.

2.   Conversation list:

  • Displays a list of previous conversations, with the most recent starting at the top.
  • To continue a conversation simply click on the conversation.
  • The conversation list includes:
  • The conversation contact.
  • A preview of the last message sent or received.
  • The time of the last message.
  • Messages in blue indicate an unread message.

3.   Menu:

  • Manage Conversation List
  • Send Logs to Support
  • Logout


Basic Conversation

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Once a conversation has been started either by clicking the Start Conversation icon, or clicking on an existing conversation the conversation screen is displayed.

Basic Functions:

1.   Conversation contact: At the top of the screen the contact is displayed.

  • Click on the Name or Number to open the contact within the device's contacts.

2.   History: The most recent message history.

3.   New Message:

  • Click in the New Message field to start typing a new message.
  • Click on the Send icon to send the message.

4.   Attachments: Click the Attachment Icon to attach a file to the message.

5.   Emoji: Click the Emoji Icon to addEmojis to the message.

6.   Microphone: Click the Microphone Icon to use the Voice to Text option.

Add Attachments to a Message

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To add an attachment to a message simply click the attachment icon and then search and select the attachment.

Basic Functions:

1.   Add attachments: Click the Attachment Icon to attach a file to the message.

2.   Existing attachments: Once attachments have been added to the message they will be displayed above the message.

3.   Remove attachments: Next to each attachment is a delete icon that will remove that attachment.

4.   Text Message: Click in the Text Message field to change the message text.

5.   Cancel: Click the Cancel icon to cancel out of adding the attachments.

6.   Send: Click the Send icon to send the message with attachments.


Conversation Actions

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By pressing and holding on the message the option to copy, Forward or delete a conversation.

Basic Functions:

1.   Delete: Permanently delete Individual messages.

2.   Copy: Copy a text message and add it to a separate conversation, a note, email, etc...

3.   Forward: Forward a message to other contacts or phone numbers.



Manage Message Alerts

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The alert settings option is used to define if an alert is sent to the device when a message is received.

Basic Functions:

1.   Swipe to Start: Click the conversation to be changed, hold down and swipe left to open the alerts option.

2.   Hide Alerts: Click the Hide alert or Show alert button to change the Alert options.

  • If the Hide Alerts option is selected you will no longer receive alerts when you receive a new message from that conversation.
  • When a conversation’s alerts are hidden, a grey moon will appear to the left of the conversation.
  • If the Show Alerts option is selected you will again receive alerts when you receive a new message from that conversation.

3.   Delete: Click the Delete Button to permanently delete the selected conversation.

Manage Conversation List

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This function allows the user to take action on multiple conversations at the same time. This function can be accessed via the Menu.

Basic Functions:

1.   Click the required conversations.

2.   Click the “Mark read” or “Mark unread” link and the selected conversations will be set as read or unread.

3.   Click the Delete link to permanently delete the selected conversations.


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