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Polycom® VVX® EM 50 Expansion Module

Edited: 06/16/2022
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

The Polycom® VVX® EM 50 Expansion Module, designed exclusively for the Polycom VVX 450 Business IP phone, enables additional line appearances to be added to the phone. The VVX EM 50 includes BLF (Busy Lamp Field) functions, e.g., local presence monitoring (local extensions) and Speed Dials to access system Destinations or other numbers dialed on a frequent basis, including custom numbers with labels. Use the Star2Star portal Individual Settings option or the Application Framework to set up the functions.

Notes on Polycom VVX EM 50:

  • The VVX EM 50 Expansion Module is only supported on VVX 450 business IP phones, running UC Software 5.8.2 or later. (VVX 150, 250, and 350 phones do not support expansion modules.) 
  • A maximum of two modules can be configured for each VVX 450 phone.
  • Each module has a graphic LCD, 30 physical programmable BLF buttons with 3 page views of soft keys, giving a total of 90 keys per module. The total number of available keys for 2 modules is 180.

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