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Sangoma CX Agent Video Tutorials (Formerly Sangoma Contact Center)

Video Tutorials
Edited: 03/21/2023
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

( Contact Center/StarCenter 3 has been rebranded as Sangoma CX )

This series of tutorials explains how Sangoma CX operates from the agents' perspective. It is divided into six short videos.


  1. The user’s interface (UI) displayed throughout the videos may have slight changes, but the functionality demonstrated is aligned to the current functionality.
  1. Star2Star is a Sangoma Company and StarCenter3 or Contact Center is now named Sangoma CX.

Part 1: Logging in



Part 2: Answering a Queue Call



Part 3: Call Transfer Options



Part 4: Outbound Calls



Part 5: Agent Pauses



Part 6: Agent Settings




  1. For systems running a 24-hour operation, the following apply:
    1. Agent panel timeline resets at midnight for the next day of operation based on the location's timezone.
    1. System display metrics, e.g., Panel SLA data, Overview panel data, Supervisor Queues panel data, reset at midnight for the next day of operation based on the location's timezone.



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