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Incident & Maintenance Update/Status

High Call Volume

Create: 08/13/2018
Level Of Concern: Notification

Update: Call volume has returned to normal at this time. Good Morning,

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Reported Issue - Multi Queue Monitor

Create: 08/02/2018
Level Of Concern: Medium

UPDATE: The root cause of this issue has been identified and steps taken to prevent it from occuring again in the furture. We apologize for the inconvenience.  

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Multi-Queue Monitor Issues

Create: 05/18/2018
Level Of Concern: Notification

  UPDATE 11:59AM May 18th: The root cause of the issue has been identified and corrected. Multi-Queue Monitor functionality should start returning to normal momentarily. 

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Framework "unknown Error" on Login

Create: 05/17/2018
Level Of Concern: Notification

Star2star Technical Support received calls this morning from a small subset of Application Framework customers. The reported issue was an “unknown Error". This issue has been resolved and Application Framework should be working at this time.

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Framework loading issues

Create: 04/27/2018
Level Of Concern: Notification


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Intermittent Outbound Toll Free call failures

Create: 04/23/2018
Level Of Concern: Notification

Monday April 23rd:

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