How do I forward my phone?

Edited: 09/17/2019
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

To forward calls from an extension, use the powerful Star2Star Find-Me / Follow-Me feature.

"Enabling Find-Me / Follow-Me allows calls to reach you, no matter where you are!"

The following phone settings are available to redirect calls for an extension:

  • Immediate - Calls are immediately forwarded to another defined number without ringing the extension.
  • Sequential - Calls ring the extension, and then rings up to four defined numbers in a sequential order.
  • All - Calls ring the extension and up to four defined numbers at the same time.


  • When applying one of these settings, the number of seconds for a number to ring can be set for each defined number.
  • A call may be routed back to the extension owner’s voicemail if it is not answered from the defined numbers, including voicemail and answering machine, etc., before the ringing-time durations end.

To set up the Find-Me / Follow-Me feature for an extension after it is enabled in the Star2Star web portal, refer to the Setting Up Find-Me / Follow-Me in the Star2Star® Application Framework article.

To enable the Find-Me / Follow-Me feature in the Star2Star web portal:

  • Access the Star2Star web portal  clickhere_4.png.
  • From the Individual Phone Settings section, click the Find-Me / Follow-Me link.


  • Select the Enable Find-Me / Follow-Me checkbox.


Note: The extension owner can set up the Find-Me / Follow-Me feature in the Star2Star® Application Framework after it is enabled, or the appropriate option and detail can be specified in the Style section of the web portal.


  • Click Save Changes to save the feature settings, and then click Save Changes to System to apply this feature.

For more information, click here to view the Star2Star Phone and Features Guide.


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