How do I log in to a StarCenter® Queue?

Edited: 07/16/2020
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

There are multiple ways to login to a StarCenter® Queue. Full details can be found in the StarCenter® Configuration Guide.

  1.     Using the Internal Direct Dial [IDD] number found in the Star2Star Web Portal for your location
  2.     Using a soft key on a Polycom® phone
  3.     Using the Star2Star Web Portal

Click here to view the StarCenter Configuration Guide.

Using option 1 access the Star2Star web portal clickhere_1.png Click the CONFIGURATION section at the top of the page which will show a PHONE SYSTEM CONFIGURATION section see example below / left. Under Advanced Settings click the Destinations link. In Destinations  scroll down until you see Applications. The following items will be listed: StarCenter Admin StarCenter Login and StarCenter Login (Individual). See example below / right. To login using the StarCenter Login option dial the 3 digit number [IDD] next to the option. In the example below this is shown as [874] however systems will vary. The system will prompt for Agent ID followed by Password. A successful login will log the agent into all queues they are a member of. To log an Agent into a specific queue or selection but not all use the StarCenter Login (Individual) option and its associated [IDD]. As before you will be prompted for Agent credentials followed by a prompt for the queue number. The Queue number can be found in the Queues list in Destinations.

What is StarCenter 1_2.pngWhat is StarCenter 2 _0.png

Using option 2 which uses a soft key on a Polycom® phone. Agent options are set in the Extensions settings in the Star2Star Web Portal.

What is StarCenter 3_0.png

Press the appropriate soft key on the Polycom® phone to login automatically.

Using option 3 provides a login at any browser. Access the Star2Star Web Portal as described above. Navigate to the INDIVIDUAL PHONE SETTINGS page.

Click the Agent Login option What is StarCenter 4_0.pngEnter Agent details to login. You may sit in any Portal/Individual Phone Settings/Agent Login screen and continually log agents in without the need to go to that specific users screen.

(Note) use the Queue Monitor or Multi-Q Monitor to verify login/out state.


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