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Why are calls forwarding to cell without Find Me / Follow me enabled?

Edited: 07/24/2022
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

In the event that an incoming call is received for your extension and our Data Center cannot reach your phone because of an internet outage, local network problem or any other reason, if you have a number in the ‘phone number’ field (found in the portal under Individual Phone Settings / User Info), we will try to complete the call to that number if you do not have FM/FM set.  It may have been entered for you when your Reseller set up your portal.  If you’d rather have calls go to your voicemail remove the number, click Save Changes, and then click Save Changes to System. If you would rather have calls use FM/FM settings please configure appropriately, click Save Changes, and then click Save Changes to System.

See also Find Me / Follow Me Message Options

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