Using the Cisco SPA525g2 phone with a Bluetooth Headset

Edited: 09/20/2019
Access: Everyone
Supports: StarCloud, StarCloud+

The following headsets have been tested and work in "Handsfree" mode.

When the phone rings, the headset rings as well. The headset button can be used to answer a call without touching the Cisco SPA525G2. The headset button can be used to go back on hook without touching the Cisco SPA525G2.

  1. Jawbone ICON
  2. Jabra GO 660
  3. Jabra PRO 9465
  4. Plantronics Voyager 520
  5. Plantronics Explorer 220
  6. Plantronics Explorer 230
  7. Plantronics Voyager Legend "Potter's Pick" (Graham D Potter - Star2Star Chief Product Officer) This headsets supports the following:

Smart Call Routing

Intuitively directs calls to your phone or headset, pauses music for incoming calls, and allows you to automatically answer by simply placing the headset on your ear.

Precision Audio

Multi-microphones optimize your voice and minimize noise caused by wind, movement, and background sounds.

Caller Announce & Voice Commands

Announces incoming caller's name and lets you say "answer" to accept the call or "ignore" to decline. Just say "answer" to take a call. Tap the voice button to check battery level, connection status, or dial Vocalyst to hear emails, newsfeeds, and more.

The Voyager Legend supports A2DP, which lets you stream podcasts, audiobooks, music, prompts from GPS navigation apps, and other audio through the headset. It also supports multi-point, so you can pair two devices simultaneously and alternate between them.

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