User Phone Settings

Edited: 01/31/2022
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

The Phone Settings menu allows you to change settings on your phone via the framework (version 2.1). Note: Setting display options on your screen may vary depending on what phone you have configured in the framework.

Phone Settings 1_0.png

Select Find-Me/Follow-Me to open settings.

Phone Settings FMFM_0.png

Select the desired Find-Me/Follow-Me options for your extension.

FMFM 3_0.png

Select Voicemail to open settings.


Here you may enter or change your Voicemail PIN and set other voicemail options for your extension.

vm settings_0.png

Select Phone Options to open settings.

phone options_0.png

Here you may select various phone options for your extension.


Select Speed Dials to open settings.


Here you may select speed dials for your phone extension.

speed 2_0.png

Select Caller ID Blocking to open settings.


Here you may enter a phone number or extension to be blocked.

block 2_0.png


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