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How to work with TeamHub Files

Edited: 08/18/2023
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+, Wholesale


Share your files with members of your team. All your files are organized in an easy to search Files app inside TeamHub. Click Files in the left navigation bar, and the Files Navigation panel is displayed on the left and the list of your files is displayed on the right. The Files Navigation panel includes the following options.

  1. Upload a file - Select this option to upload a new file from your local drive.
  1. Hub Drive - Select this option to display all your files.
  1. Favorites - Select this option to display a list of files you have starred.

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Note: Do not include the extension in the search criteria.

  1. Enter a portion of the file you are searching for and the list will display the files with that information.
  1. Click the X to the left of the search field to remove the search criteria.

Filter the list of files

Filter by File type

Click the All file types button at the top of the list. Select the types of files to be included in the list.

  1. Document
  1. Images
  1. PDFs
  1. Presentations
  1. Spreadsheets
  1. Media

Filter by Last Modified date.

Click the Any Time button at the top of the list and a Date Range selector pop-up will be displayed. Select a From and To date.

Sort List

Click the Sort: A-Z button at the top of the list and select sort Ascending or Descending.

Working with the files

  1. Click the Star icon to the right of a file in the list to add the file to your Favorites.
  1. Click the More  (  ⋮  ) icon to the left of a file in the list and the following action will be provided:
    1. Preview
    2. Download
    3. Remove 

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