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How to use TeamHub Talk

Edited: 08/22/2023
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+, Wholesale


TeamHub provides the ability to make and receive phone calls, without having to download any other Softphone clients. To access the Talk function Click Talk in the left side panel.

Note: - To have this feature, the user must have a TeamHub extension added in the Business Voice portal.

How to make a phone call

There are 2 options to initiate a phone call using TeamHub.

Dial Pad - From the Talk function, Enter a phone number using the Dial Pad and click the Dial icon.

Contact list - Select the Company or Personal contact list, then Search for the desired Contact in your contacts and click on the desired phone number/Extension.

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Call Card

The Call Card appears after a call is initiated or when a call is received.

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Current Call information

  • Phone number or extension that is in the call.
  • How long the call has been active.

Hold a Call

  • Click the Pause icon to put the caller on hold.

Transfer Call

  • Click the Transfer icon to transfer the call to another number.

Note: This a blind transfer, meaning the call is transferred without interacting with the transferred user.

Hang Up Call

  • Click the hangup icon to hang up the call.

Call Log

Sangoma TeamHub saves your call history in a call log. To access your call log:

  • Click Call Log at the top of the page.

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To the right of each call is an indicator of the transaction type:

  • Missing image link-4Inbound call
  • Missing image link-5Outgoing call
  • Missing image link-6Missed call
  • Missing image link-7Voicemail

Filter Options

  • All - shows all the calls associated with the user’s extension.
  • Missed - shows calls that were not answered by the user.
  • Pages - Page through the call history using the navigation arrows at the bottom right of the window.


To access voicemails:

  • Click Voicemail at the top of the page.

The voicemail history will display in chronological order. Users have the following options:

  • Click on the number to return the phone call.
  • Play the voicemail message.
  • Delete the voicemail.
  • Page through the voicemail log using the navigation arrows at the bottom right of the window.

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