CRM Integration User Guide

Edited: 04/01/2022
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

General Overview

CRM Integration is our custom solution to integrate your Sangoma communications capabilities with your CRM of choice. Salesforce is the only supported CRM at this time, but we will be expanding support for other CRMs in the future.

CRM Integration consists of two different functions:

  1. Screen Pop: An interactive caller ID that sources data from your CRM and allows you to quickly jump to a CRM record from your desktop during a call.
  1. Call Activity Logging: A service that automatically logs call details into your CRM as call activity occurs.

Installing Notifications App

In order to use Screen Pop, you must have the Notifications app installed and running on your machine. Please download and install the latest version here:

  1. Windows:
  1. Mac:

When the app prompts you to sign in, please do so with your Sangoma Portal credentials.

Interacting with Screen Pops

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When an incoming or outgoing call meets the requirements set by your administrator, a screen pop notification will appear. There are three actions you can take with a screen pop notification:

  1. Click the Create New Contact button to launch your CRM’s add new contact page in the browser.
  1. If matching records were found, click a record to open that contact’s page directly in the CRM.
  1. Click the close button in the upper-right corner to permanently dismiss the notification.

How Call Activity Logging Works

If call logging has been enabled by your administrator, your calls will automatically be logged to Salesforce 5 minutes after the call is over. If you have already added a call record to the CRM itself with notes, we will not create a duplicate. Instead, we will just append additional information like the call direction and duration to your existing record.

Call logging behaves differently depending on how many matching records were detected in the CRM for the target phone number:

  1. If only one matching record is found in the CRM, we will log the call automatically.
  1. If no matching records are found in the CRM, we will not log the call automatically. This prevents orphaned records from being created in the CRM. If you create a new contact for this number in the CRM, future calls will be logged automatically.
  1. If multiple matching records are found in the CRM, we will not log the call automatically. However, if you click a matching record on that call’s screen pop notification, we will log the call automatically for the contact you selected.

Common Issues

I would like to turn off screen pop notifications.

You can turn off all notifications by closing the Notifications app on your computer.

My screen pop notifications are appearing very small or large on my desktop.

The zoom level setting of your OS may be causing the notifications to appear too large or small. To adjust this, see here for Windows instructions and here for Mac instructions.

My links are opening in a different browser than I’d like.

We open links in the default browser you have selected for your OS. To adjust this, see here for Windows instructions and here for Mac instructions.

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