Sangoma CX Salesforce Connector Installation Guide (Formerly Sangoma Contact Center)

Edited: 04/17/2023
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+, Wholesale

( Sangoma Contact Center has been rebranded as Sangoma CX )

What is the Sangoma CXSalesforce Connector

  1. A new small form factor Agent Panel integrated with Salesforce that enables the following features and automation:
    1. Agent Panel and Salesforce displayed simultaneously in the same Chrome tab.
    1. Searches and populates Salesforce stored contacts based on Caller ID in inbound and outbound calls.
    1. Call activity created in the contact populated when handling inbound and outbound calls. The data stored is: Agent that managed the call, From, To, Call Duration, Call Direction ( inbound or outbound), Call Recording URL (if call recording enabled in queue)
    1. Click to Dial on any Salesforce field tagged as phone number.


  1. Salesforce lightning application.
  1. Works with the Sangoma CX products.
  1. Agents must use a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser.


  1. This connector only works with Salesforce lightning applications.
  1. It only works with extensions associated with the embedded Web phone app (WebRTC). SIP phones or Bridge PSTN extensions are not supported.
  1. It can only dial and search USA and Canadian phone numbers.
  1. Make sure no other Click to Dial or Click to Call Chrome extensions are enabled on the browser used. These extensions may conflict with the Click to Dial automation built into this connector.

Document Audience

This documentation serves to guide those responsible for the integration between Sangoma CX platform and Salesforce, to correctly enable the module in their environment.


  1. The link below will take you to the Sangoma CX Salesforce Connector installation package. Double click the link and log into Salesforce. Use a Salesforce account with enough privileges to install the software and configure settings in Salesforce:

  1. Once the installation screen is displayed, select the set of users or user profiles you want to install. (It is recommended to “Install for All Users”)
  1. Click the Install button.

Once the installation screen is displayed,

  1. select the set of users or user profiles you want to install.
  1. Click the Install button.

(It is recommended to “Install for All Users”)

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The installation will start.

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When the installation is finished, you will get a message indicating that the installation is complete.

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Follow the same steps detailed under the installation section


Go to the “Setup” option in the upper right corner of the main user screen in Salesforce if after the installation you are not on the Salesforce setup panel.

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Search for “App Manager” in the Quick Find and click the “App Manager” entry in the filtered menu.

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Edit the Lightning-type app that you want to add the Embedded Sangoma CX Salesforce Agent Panel to (Example: Sales).

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  1. Click the “Utility Items” entry located on the left menu.
  1. Click the “Add Utility Item” button and
  1. Search for “Open CTI Softphone”.
  1. Make the following changes:
    1. Label: CCaaS
    1. Icon: call
    1. Pael with: 400
    1. Panel Height: 600
  1. Click on “ Save ”.
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  1. Once Saved, click the Arrow to go back to the Salesforce Setup Pane.
  1. Search for "Call Center" in the Quick Find
  1. Click the "Call Centers " entry in the filtered menu.

If you get this screen, just click “ Continue

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Edit the call center named “CCaaS”.

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Change the CCaaS URL to the Sangoma CX tenant address. The tenant address is the set of characters including https:// and the next / on your Agent Panel URL.

  1. Example monitor/agent/.
  1. This would be the Sangoma CX Tenant Address: .

Click the Save button.

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After the Save completes you will be redirected to the following screen where you can manage call center users.

Click on the " Manager Call Center Users " button to add or remove a user.

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Click the Add More Users or the Remove Users button.

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Before testing the connector make sure you enabled the embedded CCaaS Agent Panel and your Salesforce user was added to the Call Center CCaaS.

Click on the Apps launcher , and select the application you added the Sangoma CX SalesforceConnector to, for example Sales.

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  1. Once Selected, you should see the Salesforce application.
  1. Click on the CCaaS button at the bottom left corner of the page.
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  1. Enter your  Sangoma CX Agent credentials 
  1. Click the LOGIN button.
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Select the extension and grant permission for the application to use the microphone and speakers if asked..

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At this point you are active as an Agent and ready to take calls

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Sangoma CXSalesforce Connector User Guide

The Sangoma CX Salesforce Connector User Guide is available here

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