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Sangoma CX Salesforce Connector User Guide (Formerly Sangoma Contact Center)

Edited: 04/17/2023
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+, Wholesale

( Sangoma Contact Center has been rebranded as Sangoma CX )

What is the Sangoma CX Salesforce Connector

  1. A new small form factor Agent Panel integrated with Salesforce that enables the following features and automation:
    1. Agent Panel and Salesforce displayed simultaneously in the same Chrome tab.
    1. Searches and populates Salesforce stored contacts based on Caller ID in inbound and outbound calls.
    1. Call activity created in the contact is populated when handling inbound and outbound calls.The data stored is: Agent that managed the call, From, To, Call Duration, Call Direction ( inbound or outbound), Call Recording URL (if call recording enabled in queue)
    1. Click to Dial on any Salesforce field tagged as phone number.


  1. Works with all Sangoma CX offerings.
  1. Agents must use a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser.


  1. This connector only works with Salesforce lightning applications.
  1. It only works with extensions associated with the embedded Web phone app (WebRTC). SIP phones or Bridge PSTN extensions are not supported.
  1. It can only dial and search USA and Canadian phone numbers.
  1. Make sure no other Click to Dial or Click to Call Chrome extensions are enabled on the browser used. These extensions may conflict with each other resulting in unexpected behavior.

Login Process

If the Sangoma CX Salesforce Connector is enabled by the Salesforce Administrator:

  1. Log into Salesforce. You will see a button CCaaS with a handset icon in the bottom left corner. Please note the Salesforce Administrator can change the icon, name and position of this button.

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  1. Click on the button. This will display the Sangoma CX embedded Agent Panel. Log in providing your Sangoma CX credentials.

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  1. If it is your first time logging into the platform, you did not request to remember extension on future logins, or the remembered extension is no longer available for this agent, you will be requested to select an available extension. Select an extension. If you want the interface to automatically use the selected extension in future logins, select the option “Remember the extension on future logins”. Missing image link-3
  1. The Chrome or Edge browser may ask to grant the web application to use the microphone and speakers. Accept this request and memorize the setting to avoid getting this message everytime the extension is selected or connected. Once logged in you will see the embedded Agent Panel home screen. You can minimize or detach this Agent Panel using the two buttons available in the upper right corner of the modal window.
  1. For detailed explanation of the Agent Panel, go to the “The Embedded Agent Panel” section.

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Receiving Calls

  1. When receiving a call, the embedded Agent Panel will open showing the call with the options to answer or refuse the call, as shown below:
  1. If the phone number is registered with Salesforce, it will automatically open the contact's screen in Salesforce.

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  1. The embedded Agent Panel will also record in the contact an activity with the call details. These records are available in the Salesforce Activity tab displayed on the right side of the screen.

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  1. If you want to see the call details, within Salesforce click on the registered call under Past Activities. The following Salesforce page will open.


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Outbound Calls

  1. On the Salesforce toolbar, you can click on the Contacts option and see the registered contacts. If you want to call any of them, just click on the registered number.

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  1. The call will be initiated by the embedded Agent Panel. At the same time the contact information will be presented in Salesforce. A call activity will be created in the contact when the call finishes.

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  1. If you want to call a phone number not stored in Salesforce, open the embedded Agent Panel, click the Dialpad icon, type the number and click on the green handset button.

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  1. When you end the call, you can redial, report a technical problem with the call, and select a call reason.

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The Embedded Agent Panel

This is a small form factor Agent Panel UI designed to be integrated into multiple applications. It has most of the features available on the full size agent panel. The features not supported by the embedded Agent Panel are:

  1. Only works with extensions associated with the embedded Web phone app (WebRTC). SIP phones or Bridge PSTN extensions are not supported.
  1. Add or modify contacts stored in the Sangoma CX platform.
  1. Report agent mood.
  1. If using IVR Builder to attach data to the call on inbound calls, this data won’t be presented in this application.

The User Interface

On the Embedded Agent Panel main screen you have an overview of all features and information in the queue:

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Menu :

In the menu, you will find the following options:

  1. logged in user name.
  1. chosen extension.
  1. lock / unlock extension for next login.
  1. login time.
  1. productivity metrics.
  1. Dashboard (also available on the home screen).
  1. Timeline (also available on the home screen).
  1. Pause (also available on the home screen).
  1. Contacts (also available on the home screen).
  1. Dialpad (also available on the home screen).
  1. Echo test.
  1. Troubleshooting.
  1. Settings options.
  1. Logout (also available on the home screen).
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Home Icon:

Click the Home Icon to return to the Agent Panel home screen.

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Contacts Icon:

The Contact icon provides the ability to search and dial contacts stored in the Sangoma CX platform.

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Pause Icon:

Click the Pause Icon to go into pause mode, choosing the pause reason. If on pause this option will unpause making you available to handle calls.

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Queue Statistics:


Call with the longest waiting time in the queue.


Number of calls in the queue.


Number of calls in progress in the queue.


Number of free agents in the queue.


Number of agents in non-productive Pause in queue.


Number of agents on productive Pause in the queue.


Displays the list of queues assigned to the agent. From the list an agent can select a queue to be viewed.

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Display the Agent Panel Dialpad to make outbound calls.

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The Timeline displays the events that occurred during the day for the Agent. Type of events include:

  1. entry and exit from queues.
  1. pauses.
  1. outbound and inbound calls.

The Timeline also allows to

  1. redial.
  1. report a technical problem with the call.
  1. select a call reason on any outbound or inbound call registered.
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Puts the agent in Pause mode.

  1. Click the Pause button.
  1. Select the reason for the pause.

The amount of time the agent is on pause will be counted on the screen timer and will be reset when the pause ends or the pause reason is changed.

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Click to log out of the Sangoma CX platform. This action will also log the agent out from queues.

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Embedded Agent Panel Settings

Embedded Agent Panel configuration options are available under Menu > Settings. The available settings are:

  1. Agent Name
  1. Extension currently being used. Clicking on the lock will remember or forget the extension on future logins.
  1. Hyperlink to change the password. When clicked the password change page will open in a new browser tab.
  1. Just informative, indicating is an active agent.
  1. Queue alarm is used to better control the number of simultaneous calls in the queue. When the number of calls reaches the set value, an alarm will sound.
  1. Sets screen notifications for calls, which toggles on and off. When notifications are on, a message displays to inform the Agent.
  1. The auto-hold option when turned on will place the current call on hold when entering a second call.
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  1. Auto-answer: if enabled the application will pick up the call automatically. Increases agent performance and speed of answer.
  1. Changes microphone selection.
  1. Changes headset selection.
  1. Allows the ability to select the outbound queue.
  1. Select screen as favorite / home (only Dashboard available at this time).
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How to Pause

To request a pause:

  1. Click on the Pause icon to open the Pause Screen.
  1. Click on the pause button.
  1. Select the Pause reason.
  1. The button will toggle to unpause and the pause timer will start.

To change to another pause reason without unpause:

  1. Click on the Pause reason on top of the timer.

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  1. Select a new Pause reason.
  1. The timer will reset.

To unpause:

  1. Click on the unpause button.

Pauses with a Time Limit:

Pauses can be configured with a time limit. When the timer reaches 90% it changes color to orange and when it goes over the time limit it changes to red indicating that the pause has exceeded the time limit.


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Selecting Call Reasons

Call reason selection can be done in two different screens base on when the selection is taking place.

During the call

The screen populated when a call is picked up, includes a section that allows agents to select a call reason before the call is terminated.

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When the call finishes

The Timeline screen is populated with the call details. On this screen the agent will be able to: redial, report a technical problem with the call and select a call reason.

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