What is MySangoma Portal and how does that work?

Edited: 08/24/2021
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+, Wholesale

What is MySangoma Portal?

MySangoma Portal (my.sangoma.com), is a new administrative portal, which provides access to  "Sangoma Meet " purchased licenses. Once you purchase a Sangoma Meet license, you will be able to find your updated licenses on this portal and invite users to sign up for Sangoma Meet and start enjoying this product.

MySangoma Portal: Sign up

After you complete your purchase and your payment is confirmed, you will receive an activation email, which will direct you to MySangoma Portal. From there, you can either create a new organization (if this is the first time you have purchased Meet licenses, you will be asked to create a new organization) or map your purchased licenses to an existing organization you have already created under your account. 

Create a new Organization on MySangoma Portal

If this is the first time you are accessing MySangoma Portal, you should create a new organization after you make a purchase for a product like Sangoma Meet licenses. You will receive an email with a direct link to MySangoma Portal to access this page.

Map Licenses to an Existing Organization

If you are an existing user and already have an organization created on MySangoma Portal, you can map the newly purchased licenses to that same organization. You can always create a new organization if this is for a new account. Just choose the appropriate option from the menu when prompted. 

View Meet Licenses

You can view and manage your available products licenses like "Sangoma Meet" from the left menu under "Organization> Users".

Invite Users

You can invite your team members to sign up with Sangoma Meet via MySangoma Portal. Each user invitation will be counted as one license usage. 

Invite Single User

To invite users individually, navigate to Organization> Users and start adding the user's email address. You can add multiple email addresses at a time clicking on the "+add more". Use the "Meet License" toggle to enable or disable a license for your users while adding them to the list.

***Please, note that if the toggle is off, your user will be added to the list, but they will not receive an invitation email until their license is enabled. You can enable their licenses at any time from Apps> Licenses.


Invite Users in Bulk

To invite users in bulk, navigate to Organization> Users and start with importing a CSV file. Your csv file should consists of 2 columns: "email address of the users you are adding" and "true/false which indicates their license enablement". Add each user on a separate row and save your file as a CSV format before uploading. Click "Add users" and hit "Finish" once uploaded. Your users list should show up under the User table.

Here is an example of how your CSV file should look like before uploading to MySangoma Portal users list:


Revoke Access

If you need to revoke a user's license, simply navigate to "Licenses" section under the "Apps" and find the user's email address to toggle off their licenses.

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