StarPhone™ for Desktop 3.2.0 - Release Notes

Edited: 05/04/2021
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

StarPhone for Desktop 3.2.0

Release Notes (April 6, 2021)

Bug Fixes/Enhancements


  • Support for Enhanced Extension has been implemented.
  • 3-way calling has been implemented.
  • Password reset has been corrected to force both a password and a repeat password entry before accepting reset.
  • When a user is in an active call with 2 way audio, any call coming in a second line will have the ring silenced and only a visual indicator will be shown to prevent disruption of the original call.
  • Logger function circular reference error has been resolved.
  • Error displayed during logout has been fixed. (Will no longer appear AFTER 3.2.0 upgrade)
  • Phone dialer dialog no longer renders overtop of the Auto-update modal window. (Will no longer appear AFTER 3.2.0 upgrade)
  • Issue with BV StarPhone for Desktop intermittently logging out due to token expiration has been addressed.
  • Advanced/verbose logging has been added to StarPhone for Desktop.
  • User now has the ability to send logs to support ( from the settings page in the app.  An email will be generated and sent which will include a txt file with the last 250 lines from the electron container console.
  • Voicemail dialing now emulates functionality in release 2.7.5.
  • When a user selects Help Documentation in the app, they are now automatically redirected to the KnowledgeBase.
  • The new company logo has been added to the login screen.
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