Star2Star® Business Voice for Microsoft Teams - FAQs

Edited: 03/01/2021
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

What is Star2Star® Business Voice for Microsoft Teams?

  • Star2Star® Business Voice for Microsoft Teams is a direct routing integration with the Microsoft Teams platform that allows you to:
    • Make and receive calls on your Microsoft Teams Softphone Via Mobile and Desktop clients using Star2Star Business Voice
    • Call Extensions and PSTN Numbers using the Teams Dialpad
    • Receive calls from PSTN
    • Use all call handling features available in the Star2Star Platform
    • Click To Dial from Microsoft Apps for Team Users
    • Supports Speed Dials, contacts and call history

How does Star2Star® sell “Star2Star® Business Voice for Microsoft Teams”

  • Star2Star offers their Professional Bundle for Microsoft Teams (Available in Rocket®Quote alongside other Star2Star® bundle options) which includes:
    • Star2Star® Business Voice 
    • Star2Star® Business Voice for Microsoft Teams
    • Text Messaging (1000 Outbound SMS, Unlimited Inbound SMS) SMS Only
    • Employee Alerts (Connected Worker Application)
  • For existing users “Star2Star® Business Voice for Microsoft Teams” can be added as an a la carte line item (please note Star2Star® Business Voice for Microsoft Teams is not compatible with StarCenter 2)

When will Star2Star® Business Voice for Microsoft Teams be available for quoting?

  • The release date is Friday, February 19th; for existing quotes, a revision will be required in order to select either of these options.

Does the customer require any Microsoft Licenses, if so then which licenses?

  • Yes the customer must have an existing Microsoft Teams License for each user being integrated. See chart below. (Licenses must be purchased through Microsoft)


What is required from the customer to integrate with Microsoft Teams?

  • Provide the Microsoft Enterprise Global Admin Email/Domain for initial set up
  • The Global Admin will receive a link to Authorize the integration between Star2Star and Microsoft Teams (Link will be provided via email during setup)
    • Note: The initial authorization will consume one of the customers available MS Licenses temporarily
  • The Global Admin will need to sync all users to their Microsoft Account. Instructions to be provided via email. 

What are the responsibilities of the Partner?

  • Ensure that all items outlined in the question above are communicated to the customer and followed up on through completion.
  • Partners should build out a "Softphone for MS Teams" extension in the Star2Star Portal, for each user that will be using this integration.

Are Partners able to do moves, adds, changes for Microsoft Teams Extensions that are already integrated?

  • Moves, Adds, Changes will initially be required to be processed in coordination with Star2Star.


For additional information contact your Regional Sales Representative.

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