Enhanced CallerID

Edited: 11/25/2020
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

Feature Overview

Display Originating Number Caller ID On The Phone (similar to a Blind Transfer)

Platform supported:

  • Business Voice+ 
  • Business Voice

Call types supported:

  • Call Park/Pick up
  • Attended Transfer

Voice networks supported:

Will work with calls on a StarBox device only - Remote phones and Softphones not supported

  • OnNet
  • OffNet
  • PSTN

Voice network not supported:

  • Remote Servers are not supported at this time

Feature description

We support the following call flows to display the Original CallerID when performing an Attended Transfer or Call Park. 

Please note the feature only works by displaying original callerID on the receiving phone during a call, as soon as call is complete the original callerID will NOT be displayed in “call history” on the phone, in Portal or Orion CDRs.

Attended Transfer call flows supported:

Cellphone → DID → Ext → Attended Transfer → Ext

PSTN → DID → Ext → Attended Transfer → Ext

Star2Star → DID → Ext → Attended Transfer → Ext

Attended Transfer call flows NOT supported:

Ext→Ext→Attended Transfer→Ext


A new field called Enhanced CallerID has been added to the Additional Location Information page within the Portal. By default the value will be set to No.


Phone Models Supported

The following Poly and Yealink phone models are supported:

Poly Yealink
  1. VVX 101
  1. VVX 201
  1. VVX 300
  1. VVX 301
  1. VVX 310
  1. VVX 311
  1. VVX 400
  1. VVX 401
  1. VVX 410
  1. VVX 411
  1. VVX 500
  1. VVX 501
  1. VVX 600
  1. VVX 601
  1. VVX 150
  1. VVX 250
  1. VVX 350
  1. VVX 450
  1. T41S
  1. T42S
  1. T46S
  1. T48S
  1. T53W
  1. T54W
  1. T57W
  1. T58A
  1. VP59
  1. CP920
  1. CP960
  1. W60B with W56H
  1. W60B with CP930W


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