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Edited: 06/25/2020
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+, Wholesale


  • Employee Alerts enables Star2Star customers to send mass alerts to their employees
  • Alerts can be sent using email, text message to business voice, or to a cellular number
  • Employee Alerts is a cloud application - no download is required
  • An Employee Alerts administrator can access Employee Alerts using their standard Star2Star user Credentials

Get Started

  1. To access Employee Alerts click Here.
  2. Sign in using your Star2Star credentials

How To Videos


Creating a Distribution List

This video explains how to create and manage an Employee Alerts distribution list:

  • Defining distribution lists in advance simplifies the sending process
  • Each distribution list can be named to easily identify the audience it represents
  • Employees are grouped by location
  • Any combination of email and available SMS numbers can be added to a distribution list
  • Distribution lists are reusable and editable
  • Multiple lists can be maintained for different audiences

Sending an Employee Alert

This video explains how to send Employee Alerts:

  • Each message must be given a name for future reference
  • Selecting a distribution list determines who will receive the alert
  • The alert will include a brief subject and text letting the recipient know they have a message waiting
  • When the user follows the link in the alert they will see the message
  • The recipient can optionally be asked to confirm receipt of the message
  • When the recipient confirms, additional information - or a simple ‘thank you’ - can be conveyed in response to the acknowledgment
  • A web link or telephone number link can be added to the acknowledgment response
  • The link allows the recipient to access additional information or easily call for assistance


This video explains how the Alerts work:

  • An alert provides a link to the message
  • Clicking on the link allows the recipient to view - and if requested - respond to the alert
  • The date and time the recipient confirmed the receipt of the alert is recorded for future use
  • Additional information can be presented when the recipient confirms receipt of the alert
  • The Alert confirmation message can include a web link or telephone number

Employee Alert Reporting

This video explains the Employee Alert Reporting capabilities:

  • A searchable list of alerts sent is maintained
  • Notification history shows the recipients for each alert
  • An acknowledgment timestamp is shown where applicable
  • The result can be filtered on multiple fields
  • The data can be exported to CSV



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