Employee Alerts FAQs

Edited: 04/01/2022
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+, Wholesale


  • User: An Employee Alerts user is a Customer Employee who is granted access to log in to the application to create groups, send alerts, and view/export history
  • Employee: Any individual who has an Integration Studio Portal/Framework login for the Customer account or any of the Customer Locations
  • Recipient: An individual destination to which a Notification is sent (i.e. an email address or an SMS number)
  • Notification: A brief email or SMS that notifies the Recipient that there is an Alert Message available and includes a link to access the Alert Message
  • SMS: Short Message Service - commonly known as ‘texting’ - that is delivered via cellular networks
  • Alert Message: A small web page displaying the text of the message to be delivered to a Recipient and prompts the Recipient to confirm receipt of the message
  • Response Message: A secondary small web page that can provide a response to the Recipient when they have confirmed receipt of the Alert Message


How is this application accessed?

Employee Alerts is a web-based application that can be accessed from an internet browser.

Will I require new credentials to access Employee Alerts?

Employee Alerts utilizes standard, existing Sangoma Portal accounts, so no new login credentials are required.

Can anyone be a recipient of Employee Alert notifications?

Only employees with a Portal login who have been assigned a license for Employee Alerts can receive notifications. Licenses are included in all UC bundles sold on or after XX/XX/2020.

What types of notifications can be sent via Employee Alerts?

Email, Text Messaging (SMS), and mobile phone (SMS)

Do I need to import or key in my list of recipients?

Email addresses for eligible Employees with Sangoma Portal login credentials and an Employee Alerts license will automatically be available in the application. Text Messaging numbers will also automatically be available for those same employees. However, mobile phone numbers will need to be entered in the After Hours Phone field on the configuration screen in the Sangoma Portal. 

Can I choose the Notification method?

Recipient groups can be created to choose the most appropriate method (email, Text Messaging, or mobile phone), based upon urgency and message content.

Is there a limit to the number of messages that can be sent at one time?

Yes, there is a limit of 500 recipients maximum per distribution. Each email, Text Messaging SMS or mobile phone SMS counts as one recipient in this context.

Can I create and maintain smaller groups within my complete employee list?

Multiple groups can be created and maintained to simplify audience management and speed message preparation and delivery.

What will Notifications include?

A Notification will be sent to each recipient in the selected recipients group. There will be a web link included that the recipient follows to receive the Message. 

How large can Notifications be?

150 character limit (subject + body)

How large can a Message be?

It can be up to 1024 characters long including spaces.

Can a Message support phone numbers and URLs?

A Message can include a telephone number or URL at the end of the text, providing an easy way for recipients to quickly access a website or dial a phone number from the message text.

Does a Message allow for recipient acknowledgement?

Yes, it allows a way for the recipient to confirm receipt of the message.

Can a secondary Message be given to the recipient when they confirm receipt?

The Acknowledgment Response Message can provide additional information immediately upon message recipient confirming receipt of the message.

How large can an Acknowledgement Response Message be?

An Acknowledgement Response Message can be up to 1024 characters long, including spaces.

Can the Acknowledgement Response Message support phone numbers and URLs?

It can also include a URL or telephone number link to allow the recipient to quickly access a web site or dial a number directly from the Acknowledgement Response Message.

Does Employee Alerts offer any reporting?

A History Viewer allows filtering of messages and, if applicable responses. The data can be exported to CSV for other uses.

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