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Edited: 05/08/2020
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Working remotely? Star2Star can help you stay in touch.

As individuals move to remote locations, to comply with social distancing recommendations, the solutions offered by Star2Star allow members of operational teams to stay in communication at all times. We understand the challenges that come with transitioning to a remote work environment, which is why our teams are available to assist at every touchpoint. We have also fortified our leading remote work solutions with enhanced cloud infrastructure, cost savings, and payment deferment options for both new and existing customers to make the transition easier.

Our current offers include

  • Business Continuity Bundle, starting at just $8.99 per user/per month, plus 5 free months
  • $250 or $500 gift card bonuses when you install your new system of at least 10 to 20+ users by June 30th.
  • Up to $10,000 towards your new system to cover ETF costs--switch from your current provider without fear!
  • Up to 5 months of free service
  • New from Star2Star: Free months on 1 & 2-year contracts
  • Free service with contract renewals
  • High-value, affordably priced remote working upgrades
  • Free Poly phones, or phone discounts on our entire catalog--save up to $45 per phone!
  • Waived extension porting fees

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See the links below for instructions on how to set up our remote work options including Find Me/Follow Me, StarPhone for iPhone/Android, StarPhone for Desktop, how to access your voicemail, and setting up your remote workforce. These are just a few of the resources we provide to help our customers transition to a remote work environment. If you need additional assistance, our team is always here to help!

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