Video Meeting Best Practices

Edited: 04/15/2020
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Video meetings are becoming more and more popular in the workforce, but may not always be held in an office setting. The following provides some best practices for attending and hosting video meetings from wherever you may be.


Preparing for the Meeting

  1. Equipment and Application
    1. Verify your device (mobile phone, tablet, or PC) has Internet access and a web browser that can open Video Meetings. Refer to the Video Meetings FAQs for web browser information.
    1. Make sure your device has enough battery capacity or is plugged into a charger.
    1. Close any unnecessary browser tabs and applications.
    1. Know how to share your screen.
      1. While in a meeting, hover over the video portion of the page and a menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click the “Share Screen” icon.


  1. To reduce background noise and increase sound quality, you can use a headset with a microphone.
  1. Testing your audio and video before the meeting also ensures you and your participants will enjoy the best meeting experience.
    1. During the join meeting process you will be prompted to test all of your equipment.
  1. Professional Appearance
    1. Video meetings are often considered as “casual”, but they don’t have to be! For the best impression, look and dress professionally.
    1. Consider your lighting; it should come from in front of you or from the side, in order to best light your face.
    1. Meet in a quiet room and keep the background clear of distractions and sound. The space around you will be on camera, so be neat, turn off TVs, music, and so on.
    1. Muting your phone when you are not speaking prevents unintentional interference such as sudden noises, throat clears, coughing, etc.
    1. To mimic in-person eye contact, you can look directly at your webcam when speaking. When your attendees look at your square, they will feel as though you are making eye contact with them directly. You can also place the camera directly in front of you at eye-level to help create this experience.

Participate Productively

  1. Making sure you can be heard:
    1. If you are keeping your microphone muted when not speaking, don’t forget to unmute!
    1. If you are sitting a normal distance from your computer, you should be able to be heard; even better if you are using a headset. But in case you are moving around, remember to speak in the direction of the microphone.
    1. Speak clearly and concisely, and remember to slow down to allow the microphone to pick up your words easily.
    1. Side conversations can distract others, so try to avoid them; if needed, mute your microphone and/or turn off your video to have a private conversation. If it’s with someone else on the call, send them a private message instead.
    1. Try to avoid noisy activities, such as typing while your microphone is on.
  1. If you are the Host:
    1. Familiarizing yourself with the application beforehand is the best way to have a productive meeting. To do this, schedule a test meeting and get familiar with the Video Meeting controls.
    1. Let the participants know whether the meeting is being recorded, and when it will be available for replay.
    1. Remind participants to mute their microphones until they speak or present.
    1. If all participants are muted without the ability to unmute themselves, keep an eye on or ensure someone is monitoring the Chat window.
    1. It’s a good idea to always join your meeting early to ensure everything is ready when the participants join.
      1. If following the best practice guidelines, participants won’t be able to join unless you are present. It is best to arrive at all meetings you are hosting at least 5 minutes early.

Securing your Meeting:

  1. You can further secure your meetings to prevent unwanted guests.
    1. The Skip Lobby and Join Before Host options should be disabled. Having these functions disabled helps improve the security of your meeting.
    1. Before you promote all your members into the meeting, make sure you check the list of members in your lobby for any unfamiliar or unexpected members.
    1. If you find a participant that does not belong in your meeting, chat with them to confirm their attendance. If you confirm that they are not part of your meeting, remove them using the Send to Lobby feature from the Participant panel.
    1. Learn more here.

Additional Support

  1. For more helpful guides, review the Video Meetings documentation in our Knowledge Base.
  1. Watch the Video Meetings "How To" Videos in our Knowledge Base.
  1. Contact Star2Star Technical Support - 844-302-STAR (7827) if you have any additional questions.


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