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Edited: 09/02/2020
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Video Meetings FAQs (External)

Getting Started

Do I have to download Video Meetings?

Video meetings is a fully cloud browser based solution and therefore you are not required to download any applications to your desktop or mobile device.

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Do I need an account or license to use Video Meetings?

To join a meeting as a participant, a Video Meetings license is not required. If someone invites you to their meeting, you can join the meeting as a guest without having a license. All other functions (i.e. hosting and scheduling meetings) require a Video Meetings license.

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How do I get Video Meetings?

For New users, Video Meetings is included in all the newer user bundles. Contact your Star2Star Representative to discuss purchasing options.

For Existing Users: The easiest way to add Video Meetings to existing systems is to create an add-on order with a Video Meetings line item.


How do I access Video Meetings?

To access Video Meetings, open any major internet browser and enter the following URL:


How do I join a meeting?

To join a meeting, the meeting host will provide you with a link to the meeting and an option to join by telephone. Simply click on the link and you will have the option to login or join the meeting as a guest. You may also join the meeting by telephone by using the dial-in information provided.

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Why is Video Meetings asking for access to my Microphone and Camera for this meeting?

When using a computer to use Video Meetings, it requires access to your computer microphone and camera so that you can be heard and seen by other attendees and share content such as your screen.

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Why am I getting the message “We can't access your Camera!”?

If you have already granted access to you Speaker and Microphone but not your Camera this message will appear. If you do not plan to use your camera during the meeting, you do not need to grant access.

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Why is Video Meetings telling me my Camera is unavailable?

Camera access may not be enabled, or there is another problem with your camera.

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Are there browser limitations?


  1. Supported browsers include Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.


  1. Supported browsers include Chrome, Safari, and Firefox


  1. Required browser is Safari.


  1. Required browser is Chrome.


Do I need to have a webcam to join Video Meetings?

No. While you are not required to have a webcam to join a meeting, without a webcam, others meeting attendees will not be able to see you or anything you would show via a camera.

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Scheduling a Meeting

How do I schedule a meeting?

Scheduling a meeting is pretty simple. Please review the article here.

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How do I invite others to join my meeting?

Option 1: While scheduling a meeting, you will be provided the option to invite participants by selecting members of the organization from the dropdown or adding their email address. After typing or copying an email address, click enter.

Option 2: After scheduling a meeting, you can copy the meeting invitation and put it in a calendar event or send the invitation to the participants via email or chat.

Option 3: You may also use your Personal Meeting by copying it in a calendar event or sharing it with the participants via email or chat. (Important note: Use Personal Meetings for single meetings with trusted participants and ensure you are in control by NOT enabling Join Before Host for your Personal Meetings.)

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How do I add a video meeting to my existing Calendar event?

After scheduling a meeting, you can copy the meeting invitation and put it in a calendar event.

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Meeting Features

How do I share my screen?

While in a meeting, when you hover over the video portion of the page a menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click the “Share Screen” icon.

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Can I record my meeting?

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General Questions


Why am I not able to share my screen on this browser?

Please upgrade to the latest browser version and try again, as some older versions do not support screen sharing without a plugin.


Why am I not seeing options to share my video or screen in my meeting control bar?

The meeting Host is able to assign/unassign presenter access for individual participants. You may need to request presenter access from the Host of your meeting in order to share your video and screen.


How to insure participants are muted as they enter a meeting?

While scheduling a meeting click the checkbox next to “Mute participants upon entry” option.


How to mute all participants in video meetings?

Once a meeting has started you can only Mute individual participants.


How do I insure I have the latest version of Video meetings?

Logout and close Video Meetings. Within your browser open Video Meetings and login.


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