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Edited: 02/02/2021
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

Welcome to Video Meetings

Video Meetings provides Seamless Productivity & Collaboration From Your Browser. Capture the experience of meeting in person with our Video Meetings solution. Built from the ground up, Video Meetings is a scalable, enterprise-grade solution that adapts to every business’ unique meetings needs. You can count on the best quality video and audio, reliable connectivity, and an effortless user experience for anyone within or outside of your organization.

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Some general best practices:

  • For the most secure meetings please use Scheduled Meetings as the Meeting ID is randomly generated and cannot be reused.
  • Use Personal Meetings for single meetings with trusted participants only and be sure to close the meeting when you are done.
  • Make sure you Enable Lobby, do not Skip Lobby. This ensure the most control and the most secure meeting experience.
  • Use Join Before Host sparingly for the most secure meeting experience. Especially, if you are using Personal Meeting its important to ensure you are in control and NOT allow Join Before Host.
  • If you are in loud spaces, use the Touch to Talk feature. Also, recommend to your participant that they do the same. This can be enabled in the In Meeting Experience. Touch to Talk allows a user to be in Mute state unless they long press the Microphone button.


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