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Edited: 07/08/2021
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If you qualify for tax exemptions, you will need to provide valid documentation for each jurisdiction where Star2Star Communications, LLC will be shipping products or providing services. Without valid documentation, you will be billed taxes, fees, and surcharges that would otherwise be exempt.

There are three options for submitting your exemption documents:

  1. Upon checking the box “Yes” and finalizing the order, you will receive an automated email from with a unique wizard link.
  2. Email completed form/forms to
  3. Fax completed form/forms to (941) 444-2963

If you choose to provide the forms via option 2) Email or option 3) Fax, please ensure the forms are filled out completely including:

  • Customer/Purchaser Name
  • Seller Name/Address: Star2Star Communications, LLC, 600 Tallevast Rd, Suite 202, Sarasota FL 34243
  • Print name, title, signature, and date submitted
  • Include a cover sheet with your contact information

Please feel free to contact Kirstin Vales at CertifyTax with any questions: or (914) 798-9935

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