Setting Up Find-Me / Follow-Me in the Star2Star® Application Framework

Edited: 04/17/2019
Access: Everyone
Supports: Wholesale, Business Voice+

Use the Find-Me / Follow-Me phone settings in the Star2Star® Application Framework to redirect calls for an extension so the calls can be retrieved from other phones.

The following phone settings are available for an extension:



Calls are immediately forwarded to another defined number without ringing the extension.



Calls ring the extension, and then rings up to four defined numbers in a sequential order.



Calls ring the extension and up to four defined numbers at the same time.


  • When applying one of these settings, the number of seconds for a number to ring can be set for each defined number.

  • A call may be routed back to the extension owner’s voicemail if it is not answered from the defined numbers, including voicemail and answering machine, etc., before the ringing-time durations end.

To set up Find-Me / Follow-Me for an extension:

  1. Open Star2Star Application Framework and log in.

  2. From the top-right side of the screen, click Navigation , and select Settings from the drop-down list.

  3. From the Phone Settings section on the left side of the screen, click Find-Me / Follow-Me.

  1. From the You are applying these settings to drop-down list, select the extension. If multiple numbers are listed, select the appropriate extension. A pop-up message displays and indicates that Find-Me / Follow-Me is disabled for the extension and to activate it by choosing a setting.

  1. Click the Immediate, Sequential, or All icon for the phone setting to apply. The selected setting is outlined in green.

  1. If the Sequential setting is selected, verify or change the default entries for the following:

  • Ring Duration for your Extension field - Number of seconds to ring the extension before ringing the first defined number. The default setting is 20 seconds, which is about three rings.
  • Play announcement drop-down list - Default announcement that plays for all extensions at a Location while trying to connect to another number. The following options are available:
    • Location Default - Uses Location based default from the Star2Star® portal.
    • Yes - Plays the full length of the default announcement.
    • No - Does not play any announcement.
    • Short Version - Plays a shorter version of the default announcement.
  1. Click the first line and click Edit .

  1. Select a name/number from the Name drop-down list, or select Custom Entry and enter a name and number in the applicable fields.

Note: To populate the Name drop-down list, in the Profile section on the left side of the screen, click User Info. Scroll to the Phone Numbers section and add the applicable names and numbers.

  1. In the Ring Duration (sec) field, enter the number of seconds to ring the number. If this field is left blank, the 20 second default setting (about three rings) is applied.

  2. Click Save to save the entries.

  3. Repeat the appropriate steps above to add additional numbers, if necessary.

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