International Licensing Program

Edited: 03/04/2019
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Supports: Wholesale, Business Voice+

Offer The Most Complete Cloud-Based Unified Communications Solution

Are you an international carrier or telecom provider looking to provide cloud communications services in your area? Well, look no further as we have partners in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Star2Star's Galaxy Cloud-Based Infrastructure combines Star2Star's premise-based StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN and our End-to-End Constellation™ Architecture.

This combination enables you to provide these unique benefits to your customers:

  • Lowest Operating Cost: Our Hybrid Architecture requires dramatically less bandwidth, dramatically less infrastructure, lower cost licensing, and the best customer retention.
  • Cloud and Premise Features: Star2Star's unique Hybrid Architecture provides the best of on-premise IP-PBX with an integrated suite of hosted applications and services.
  • Quality: Star2Star's Constellation™ Network monitors and manages all voice traffic for the lowest latency and the highest quality.
  • Reliability: Our 24/7/365 monitoring and six levels of failover deliver 99.999% uptime and disaster avoidance and recovery protections, making our solution more reliable than traditional service.
  • Scalability: The Star2Star solution scales from a small single location to thousands of locations, each with thousands of extensions acting as one in the cloud.
  • Billing Flexibility: Customers can pool voice lines between locations, burst extra lines on demand, or use a traditional line or seat model

The licensable components of the StarSystem® are:

  • The StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN Hardware Components: Star2Star provides a completely configured (down to stickers on the phones identifying the user) solution out the door. This process is key to insuring excellent "out-of-the-box" results.
  • The Platform components: The Application Framework and all the core service delivery, operations, and support infrastructure.
  • The Application components: voice, unified communications, call center, and many other related capabilities.

License the World’s Leading Hybrid Cloud Communications Solutions

At Star2Star, we understand that your business covers a broad spectrum. We are not just a technology vendor; we are a full-service provider, and we act and work as a problem solver and true collaborator.

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