How to Create a Ring Group

Edited: 05/04/2020
Access: Everyone
Supports: Business Voice, Business Voice+

To set up / edit a Ring Group:

  1. Access the Star2Star web portal PHONE SYSTEM CONFIGURATION
  2. Click the Destinations link in Advanced Settings.
  3. Select the Ring Groups option to either add a new Ring Group or edit an existing one. Remember to click Save Changes to System after completing the changes.

Note: Click the link below to download a copy of the Star2Star Advanced System Configuration Guide. Ring Groups are explained in detail in the document along with examples.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 4.14.42 PM.png

To add a new Ring Group:

  1. Cick Add New Ring Group. Provide a meaningful name.
  2. Add Members as appropriate from the Extensions list.
  3. Click on the listed Extension and then click the <-- icon to add to the Members list.
  4. To remove a Member, click on the Member and click -->.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 4.14.51 PM.png


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